Tesla is an Art|Science Research Interest Group at the Department of Computer Science at University College London.

For the last ten years our focus was on visionary ideas beyond the existing remits of art and science, and particularly on the projects that incorporate and amalgamate both art and science into the new hybrid discipline of art|science. As a result, we have built an online archive of talks by invited speakers that covers various aspects of the field. During this time, Tesla Talks were a rare academic platform for artists, scientists, and thinkers to present and debate their ideas and dreams, views and projects with colleagues, and with others interested in the subject. The events, except for the AHRC Symposium, were all free and open to the public.

The fast growing number of other opportunities to discuss and exhibit art and science related projects and research, along with the establishment of university courses in art and science, have shaped our decision to move on to a more specific agenda. We know that the human brain, when exposed to certain unusual sensory inputs, is capable of radically restructuring itself through the process of neuroplasticity. We also know that the ubiquitous digital technologies in our environment are affecting the human brain, changing our minds and bodies in ways that we do not yet fully understand. As artists, we propose to confront these issues by envisaging a new kind of hybrid art: neuroplastic art. More soon, so watch this space!

Important note on Tesla Talks Archive:

We are happy that our material is now being used for educational and research purposes, but we would ask you to kindly let us know if you do so, and to acknowledge the source. Our speakers have generously donated their time and agreed to make their contributions available online, for free. We value this highly, and we hope you will do the same.