Tesla Talk: Arthur I. Miller

Creative Art, Creative Science: Their connections and what they tell us about the mind


Tuesday, April 12th 2011, 6- 7pm 

Garwood Lecture Theatre
University College London

Artists and scientists alike seek out visual images of worlds both visible and invisible. They attempt to ‘read’ nature in very similar ways: artists make drawings as they work towards the finished canvas while scientists use mathematics as a tool to work towards a scientific theory. I will explore this fascinating realm of highly speculative thought and look into some fundamental questions: Are there similarities in the creative processes of artists and scientists? If so, what are they? And how can cognitive science help us understand the nature of creativity? For more on my work, please see my website – www.arthurimiller.com.

Tesla Talk: Johannes Birringer

Mixed Reality: The Creation of Moveable WorldsJohannes flyer

Friday 22nd October 2010


Garwood Lecture Theatre

University College London

This film-lecture grounds its inquiry into augmented reality on an artistic research/production developed by DAP-Lab (Center for Contemporary and Digital Performance, Brunel University) during 2008-2010.

The mixed reality installation UKIYO, created with partners in Tokyo and deriving inspiration from Japanese drawings (ukiyo-e) and anime, presents scenographic practices that connect physical space to virtual worlds and explore how performers can move between material and immaterial spaces. The spatial design for UKIYO is inspired by Japanese hanamichi and western fashion runways, emphasizing the production company's cross-over experimentation with different movement languages, retro-futurist wearable design for interactive performance, acoustic and electronic sound processing and digital image objects that have a plastic as well as an immaterial/virtual dimension. The work integrates various forms of making art in order to visualize things that are not in themselves visual, or which connect visual and kinaesthetic/tactile/auditory experiences, while expanding current collaborative convergences between arts and science/engineering. The “Moveable Worlds” of UKIYO are also reflections of the narrative spaces, subtexts and auditory relationships in the mutating matrix of an installation-space inviting the audience to move around and follow their sensorial experiences, drawn near to the bodies of performers and to their avatars.

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