Nick Turvey

Nature's Syntax

Nick Turvey


A key aspect of Nick Turvey’s practice is the study of syntax in nature, the processes and patterns common to both consciousness and the organization of physical matter. The work is a form of proto-scientific inquiry, or experiments in natural philosophy; a dialogue between contemporary research and primitive, antiquated or heretical ideas. At a public scale, this translates into a desire to transform urban space with irruptions of musically ordered complexity, opportunities for daydreaming and playful interaction that reconnect us to the tangible world. Of particular concern to me currently is the nature of light and the phenomenon of transparency, resulting in works in which optics plays a major role.


After training as an architect, and 20 years working with film and video, Nick Turvey returned to study sculpture at the Royal College of Art, graduating with an MA in 2006. He has since won a number of public commissions, was awarded an International fellowship by the Arts Council England in 2007, and received a Royal British Society of Sculptors Bursary in 2008.