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The presentation will focus on two artistic collaborations between Joanna Hoffmann and Dave Lawrence: 'Tones & Whispers', which refers to the Pythagorean idea of World Harmony (realized with the support of the Institute for Cognitive Neuroscience in London); and 'Life Matters' (initiated last summer during the art & science residency at KHOJ – the International Centre for Genetic Engineering and Biotechnology in Delhi).

“Poet in a scientific landscape”: these words by Nick Turvey capture very well the way Joanna’s artistic practice merges micro and macro scales, inner and outer, computer modelling with physical environment, and scientific data with everyday experiences. In her work she recalls both ideas that have influenced our consciousness in important ways, and also recent discoveries that have revolutionized our contemporary world-view.

Dave has a background in soundscape composition, instrument invention, and performance – exploring ‘time, place, and deep emotion/immersion’, using the sounds of natural/man made objects, events, and environments. Dave will talk about his composition and sound sculpturing techniques in these two works, and will briefly touch on the process of nurturing a collaboration at both conceptual and creative levels.


Joanna Hoffmann is a Polish media artist, with 25 solo shows to her credit. She has exhibited at numerous group exhibitions and festivals, including 'Lightness of Things', Center for Contemporary Art, Warsaw (2003); 'Temporary Cities', National Centre for Contemporary Arts, Moscow; WRO 07 International Media Biennale, Wroclaw; and 'VideoBrasil', Sao Paolo, Brazil (2007). Her awards include a fellowship at the Academy for Film and Television at Potsdam-Babelsberg in 2005/6, and the Polish Minister of Culture Fellowship in 2002, 2004 and 2008. Joanna received her PhD and postdoctoral degree from the Dept. of Multimedia Communication, Academy of Fine Arts, Poznan, where she is now Assistant Professor. She lives in Poznan and Berlin http://free.art.pl/hoffmann

Dave Lawrence is a sonic artist based at Middlesex University. As well as 'Tones & Whispers' with Joanna Hoffmann (Cybersonica, London, and Posnan, Poland in 2005), Dave's collaborative projects include the forthcoming ‘Soundings from the Estuary’ with Frank Watson (Novas gallery, London, June 2008); Stardust with Liliane Lijn (Riflemaker gallery, London, 2008); ‘Mememe’ (Aarhus 2006 and Falmouth 2008); 'Larangas' with Ines Armado (Portugal 2008); ‘Sphere and Cross’ with Sasha Frolova (SAN Festival 2005, Scarborough and NCCA, Moscow 2006); and the interactive sculpture 'Pipes Have Ears' (Crystal Place Park, London, 2004, and Colourscape, Exeter, 2005).