Visions & Imagination: Advanced ICT in Art & Science  

A one day symposium concerning Art and Science organised as part of the Arts and Humanities Research Council (AHRC), ICT Methods Network at Tesla@CS, University College London. Held at the Garwood Lecture Theatre, UCL, 24 November 2007.  Programme here.

Gordana Novakovic

Welcome and brief talk: Neuroplastic art


Janis Jefferies

In Collaboration

Liliane Lijn

Starshine - Stardust: Are we so different?

Anthony Steed

Mixed-Reality Systems: Revealing the Real and Virtual Worlds


EXTRA EAR: EAR ON ARM (Internet Enabled Body)


Alexa Wright & Mike Lincoln

The Art and the Science of A Speech-based Interactive Installation

Peter Bentley

Viewing Systemic Computation

symposium 1

Julie Freeman

Combining the odd: carp behaviour, nanotextures, empathy detection

symposium 1

Helen Sloan

Method or Hypothesis: the changing role and importance of ICT in arts and science projects

 symposium 1

Paul Brown

The Pursuit of Autonomy: Art that Makes Itself

symposium 1

David Robey

Current public funding of ICT in Arts & Humanities Research

symposium 1

Structured discussion part one

symposium 1

Structured discussion part two

symposium 1