Liliane Lijn

Starshine - Stardust: Are we so different?

Subsequent to my three-month residency at the Space Sciences Laboratory at University of California Berkeley in the summer of 2005, I have been working on two collaborative projects.
Solar Hills is an ambitious project on which I am collaborating with astrophysicist Dr. John Vallerga to create large-scale solar installations in the landscape that will define the horizon with light.
Stardust, the poetic title of the NASA project to gather and examine interstellar cosmic dust, is also the title of an exhibition I will be having at the new Riflemaker space opening 1st of April. In it I will exhibit recent work with Aerogel, in which I hope to mirror certain aspects of the gathering of cosmic dust for research by astrophysicist Dr. Andrew Westphal.
In this talk I plan to briefly describe these two projects and the complexity of the collaborative process itself.