EXTRA EAR: EAR ON ARM (Internet Enabled Body)


An extra ear is presently being constructed on my arm. A left ear on a left arm. An ear that does not hear but transmits. A soft prosthesis engineered with skin, and scaffold and augmented electronically. A facial feature has been replicated, relocated and rewired for alternate capabilities. Excess skin was created with an implanted skin expander in the forearm. By injecting saline solution into a subcutaneous port, the kidney shaped silicon implant stretched the skin, forming a pocket of excess skin that was used in surgically constructing the ear. At present it is only a relief of an ear. The third surgical procedure will lift the helix of the ear, construct a soft ear lobe and inject adult stem cells for even better definition. Another procedure will implant a miniature microphone that connected with a blue-tooth transmitter will enable a wireless connection to the internet, making the ear a remote listening device. This will allow people to hear what my ear is listening to where ever each person is. When electronically complete it will form part of a distributed bluetooth headset. The body becomes internet enabled. The extra ear becomes an internet organ.